2001: The beginning of Glad You Asked began at the conclusion of another course looking into Christianity. On the last night, the group still had many unanswered questions—and wanted to keep discussing them.

The group leaders (who were also Innovista staff) spotted an opportunity and asked the group: ‘If you could ask God any question and knew you would get a straight answer, what would you ask?’ A list was made and the group continued to meet, each week discussing their questions. Several weeks on, four of the five seekers had become Christians.

This experience made Innovista wonder—is there potential for life change if people are given an opportunity to ask and discuss their questions in a safe place?

And with that, Glad You Asked was born.

To determine what questions people were asking, Innovista conducted a survey across Europe, asking people about their hopes, fears, and big life questions. Fascinated by the consistency of response across countries, the results defined the eleven sessions that that made up the original Glad You Asked.

After nearly two years in production, Glad You Asked officially launched in February 2004 with a new edition released in June 2006. It is now used in 30 countries and 6 continents, with numerous translations including, such as: Norwegian and Swedish (2005), Russian (2005), German (2006), and Romanian (2007).

In September 2011, Innovista will release a brand-new version of Glad You Asked – new contributors, new sessions, new questions – with updated content.