Glad You Asked is a vital resource for the Church not only for introducing spiritual seekers to the basics of faith and Christianity but also for providing clearly structured and well thought through responses to questions many Christians find difficult to answer. It’s essential that Churches not only listen to the challenges people raise when presented with Christianity but also that they respond in a way that is both sensitive and sensible – Glad You Asked provides people with the tools to do exactly that.” Jason Gardner, Fuse ThinkTank

“It starts further back in the spiritual search and has an innate confidence about truth.” Jonathan Juckes, St Andrews, Kirk Ella

People loved the discussion and wanted to keep going. Glad You Asked really touched the issues they were grappling with in their lives. After two weeks they said it was the highlight of the week.” John Ross, Farnham Baptist Church

“I have used Glad You Asked with a number of groups over the past three years and think it is fantastic.” Peter Short, Exilio Church

“At long last, a quality resource for this generation of post-modern people has been produced.” Andrew Wingfield-Digby, St. Andrews, Oxford

“What happened when I used Glad You Asked? Conversations, questions and insights into each others’ minds and hearts about the most important issues in life. And all in the comfort of my own home!” Jane Pelz, Head of World Mission, TSCF, New Zealand

Glad You Asked is a superb resource because it not only provides useful answers but also asks all the right questions of the audience.” Chris Band, Minister, Headington Baptist Church, Oxford